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  • Britt Lothrop

Flying alone with two 3.5 years during COVID. How I made it… fun!

Crazy, maybe, worth it, YES! Marc and I decide it had been too long since we’ve seen our Montreal family. A niece was born, another turned 5 and began kindergarten, parents overcame challenges, and friends were missed. It was time we braved the trip.

With Marc being so busy trying to get the house done we decided I would travel first, alone with the kids. And he would join us for the last three days of our 8-day trip. Honestly, I was super stoked at first. But as the days to our departure drew closer I got more nervous!

1. I don’t speak French

2. I was traveling alone with two 3.5 year-olds, on the red-eye, during COVID

3. I don’t speak French

These reasons and a few others had me feeling like I needed to be prepared for the worst, and when I need to prepare for the worst I make it quick and dirty. Overspending, over-prepping, and packing way. Too. Early. But, if I am honest this paid off.

Essentials tip #1: Let me tell you about the one curtail piece of luggage (in my case two) when traveling with young kids. Jet Kids Bed Box by Stokke. (in the photo above). These things are genius! They are a suite case for kids, but they are also a ride-on car for the airport and they turn the plane seat (or any seat for that matter) into a kids bed! Or a parent's footrest if your kids are busy LOL. But seriously these things are the SH*T! They roll straight, are spacious to pack, and easy to use, I have zero complaints.

Ok back to the trip, Marc dropped us at YVR around 7:30 pm, the kids hopped on their suitcases and away we went! naturally (my OCD brain) had web checked, so check-in was a breeze. Jones was super stoked on flying and was happy to finally be at the airport. I checked all my baggage, anything I needed to carry on I put in their bed boxes. Less stuff = easier travel.

Essentials tip #2: get your boarding passes printed. I made the mistake not too and having to flick between boarding passes on my phone was not easy. Next time boarding passes get printed and shoved into each corresponding passport!

We made our way through the security check gate smoothly (less waiting at night) and found ourselves a spot to set up for some movies and activities. In their bed box’s I packed, colouring books, washable markers, stickers, pop-its (see summer essentials blog), one of their favorite toys, and corded headphones (which my kids call “ear muffins”). IMPORTANT: always pack your kids' headphones with a cord for flying, the TV sets on the plains are not Bluetooth and wireless headphones don’t work.

See my his and hers activities packs below.

For PPE I packed two bags of disposable masks and hand sani wipes* (lots). And yes other than when we were eating we had to wear masks EVERYWHERE. But currently, we did not need to produce any sort of vaccine passport. They didn’t even check out temperatures! Last but not least I packed pajamas for each as well as a toothbrush, tooth paste and their favorite stuffy. And don’t forget to pack your own toothbrush, comfy pants, chord headset, and laptop in the bed box for when then kids go lights out!

Once we were inside airport security we went to the lounge (Essentials tip #3) got the kids into their PJ’s, brushed their teeth, and put on a movie. Coolest part is they doesn’t even have to wear shoes, once I knew they had no interest in walking and that the next stop was plane seats those shoes went into the bed box too. We were all about comfort.

Essentials tip #3; If you don’t already have an Aeroplan account and have it linked to your visa go get one right now use your Aeroplan card for EVERYTHING. In case you don’t already know this you can share Aeroplan numbers between cards (and family members) so all of your points mass-collect into this big beautiful Aeroplan points bank!

We never pay for flights and we fly business everywhere.

This was a lifesaver on this flight. We were first on, the seats were nice and spacious and with the bed box, the kids slept comfortably the entire flight!

BONUS, when you fly business class with Air Canada you get access to the Maple Leaf Lounge where it’s nice and quiet, there is staff who monitor your items so you can do bathroom trips with your littles and the food and drinks ;) are FREE!

Now, not to be anti-climactic but the next part was a breeze. Other than some groggy littles. I threw out stuff back in the bed boxes, put their shoes back on, and hauled our ass outta there, we got our baggage and THAT WAS THAT!

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